Hurricane Irma: Check for Power Outages In Your Area

As of 11 a.m. Monday, FP&L was reporting that 533,260 customers in Palm Beach County were without power, and 137,320 had been restored. The aftermath of one of the largest ever recorded hurricanes has left hundreds of thousands of local residents without power and water. (For a list of hotels in the area offering hurricane relief rates, click here.)

FPL says they been made aware of most power outages, and while they may not know the source of every issue yet, they are working hard to correct power outages as quickly as possible. Fortunately, they have created a power tracker for residents to log on and search for updates. Simply put in your phone number and zip code to get more information about your location. Leave your email address for future updates.

As far as reporting individual outages, the utility recommends that people do not report it at this time because there is so much widespread damage. “Rest assured, we are committed to restoring your power safely and as quickly as possible,” a note says. 

Below is a list of counties across the state with power outages.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 10.55.39 AM.png