Feeling Spritely After Citrus Salon & Spa

We absolutely adore the Palm Beach high season over at Palm Beach Social Diary, but balancing a full work schedule with the rotating nightly gala routine can definitely take its tole. At these times, we find it's best to carve out an hour or so for some serous R&R. Last week we stopped by Citrus Salon & Spa in West Palm Beach on the famed Antique Row to put some pep back in our step!

  Citrus Salon & Spa  - Call and mention "PBSD" for 10% off!

Citrus Salon & Spa - Call and mention "PBSD" for 10% off!

Citrus Salon & Spa is housed in an absolutely adorable cottage that is both across from Table 26, and adjacent to Serenity Garden Tea House - a triple helping of PBSD favorites! Tina and her staff of amazing and hard working ladies were friendly and welcoming, and we had a great time chatting with them about services and what to expect. A salon and spa combined, Citrus has some of the best hair stylists in town and everyone we know stops in regularly for top notch coloring, cuts and hair-do's's. For a full list of Cirtus Salon & Spa services, visit them on Facebook here!

The salon itself has a retro 60's feel to it, complete with excitable women who all seem to know each other from a decade of loyal service. Upon entering we found ourselves engulfed in delicious citrus smells and a buzzy atmosphere. The vibrant salon was full with chatty women exchanging beauty tips between hair washing stations and the nail bar, while others sat around comfortable couches sipping espresso or nibbling on delicious salads or sandwiches from the Tea House while waiting for their highlights to set in.

Behind this bustling salon lies an oasis of relaxation. After checking in, we were escorted back for our first service; a 60 minute massage with Trish Fackler, a 17 year Massage Therapist/Aesthetician veteran with the perfect touch. Though the busy salon up front was full of energy and chatter, we were surprised to find that the padded doors of the spa rooms the lay beyond erased any trace of it. The all white room was immaculately clean and the heated massage bed was most welcome to our aching muscles. Trish briefly explained where we can put our things and asked a series of questions so that she could understand how to best provide the massage.

Using a mixture of techniques, Trish set in with all natural jojoba oil, starting with the neck and back. Her study of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy allows her to customize every massage experience, targeting each muscle in need for the ideal outcome. Almost immediately, Trish targeted strained muscles and began her magic. Having experienced massages at spas around the world including the famed Bliss Spa at W Hotels from New York City to Barcelona, Four Seasons Resorts and just about every local spa that comes to mind, we know how difficult it can be to find a masseuse that strikes the perfect balance of comfort while getting those pesky knots out of your muscles. Trish's years of experience were apparent as she worked from the back to arms and legs before wrapping up the hour-long session with a gentle head massage.

The 60 minute full body massage left us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated - just what we needed after a long month of women's empowerment campaigns and galas galore! We were then escorted to another clean and cool all white room for our facial with Heather Halladay. Born and raised in a Ft. Lauderdale, Heather has worked in the beauty industry for over 40 years. Like Trish, Heather specializes in creating customized facial experiences to suit each individual client's concerns and needs. She also helps to educate clients on how to take care of their skin in conjuction with salon treatments to achieve their best results.

Our facial started with a blueberry and paprika detox from the line of Hungarian made Eminence organic skincare products. Full of antioxidants from the blueberries, the mixture works to bring out oxygen under the skin. Combined with paprika, the detox cream brings blood flow back to surface, which helps to encourage new skin growth and rejuvenation. The mixture does tingle as it works to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, though if you’ve ever had a chemical peel it’s nothing in comparison! While we enjoyed the light heat setting in, Heather moved to our feet and legs, performing a light massage before applying heated slippers.

Next came the exfoliant step. Per our skin care needs, Heather chose strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant with rice powder and lactic acid and gently massaged the exfoliant into the skin. We enjoyed the delicious fruity scent while the product worked to remove dead skin cells, all the while cleansing and tightening pores. Before the next step in our facial, a heated blue lamp treatment of deep pore cleaning, Heather applied a warm towel over the eyes. Quietly and gently, she diligently worked on those difficult-to-reach areas of skin, like that around the nose.

Before long, she was cleansing the skin and applying a pink grapefruit clarifying masque. As she did with the detox formula, while the mask set in Heather got to work on massaging your arms and hands, again using a luxurious lotion and this time, heated mittens. The pink grapefruit clarifying masque is loaded with lactic and salicylic acids, and is gentle enough to be used everyday. Its the best selling product at Citrus Salon & Spa, and we made sure to grab a jar on our way out!


Both the massage and facial left us with a feeling of walking on clouds. It was the perfect combination for some much needed R&R away from  our hectic and busy lives. On the whole, we thought Citrus Salon & Spa was par with so many of the well known spas in the area, but at a greatly reduced rate! Call them to enjoy a range of special offerings including a package of 6 massages for a 20% off and 10% off a gift card for a full facial and 60 minute massage duo. You will also get 10% off any first time service by mentioning "PBSD". So go on, sit back, relax and take care of YOU!

Citrus Salon & Spa, 800 S Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 | (561) 833-4711