The inaugural representatives of the Palm Beach County Women for Women initiative

Pictured left to right, top to bottom: Jessica Fontaine Swift, Penny Williams, Abby Zinn, Jacquelyn Quesada, Julie Franceschini, Danni Mitchell, Dionne Schneider, Kimberly C Fontaine, Leah Logue, Cristyle Egitto, Candi Spitz, Rhonda Clinton, Teneka James, Shanon Materio, Julia Murphy, Felicia Combs, Gil Walsh. Not pictured here: Kristen Schonwald-Vila. {Photos by: Kim Fontaine Photography}

Galentine's Day is a play on the traditional holiday, focusing on the fabulous females in your life as opposed to your significant other. This increasingly popular trend occurs on February 13th, and is a way to show your gal pals, family members or simply someone you look up to, your love and appreciation. For this reason, Palm Beach Social Diary thought it would be the ideal occasion to thank some of the female entrepreneurs and influential women of our community for being an inspiration to all women on this day, and every day of the year.

In its first year, the Palm Beach County Women for Women initiative (“PBCWFW”) features 16 women spanning three generations and myriad of professions. While all of these amazing women come from different backgrounds and lead different lives, they share one important sentiment: that the path to success begins with self-belief.

Cristyle Egitto of EatPalmBeach with Jessica Fontaine Swift and Leah Logue

Candi Spitz of 211 HelpLine, and Felicia Combs, WPTV Channel 5 Meteorologist

Jessica Fontaine Swift, WPB Commissioner Shanon Materio, Teneka James, WPB Downtown Development Authority

Perhaps at no other time since the Women’s Suffrage Movement have we seen such a groundswell of support for women’s empowerment. The past few years have shown positive signs of change. However, there is still a long way to go. It is the strong belief of the Editors of Palm Beach Social Diary that empowering young girls and women is not only powerful, but the key to economic growth, political stability, and social transformation. Just as world leaders, experts and scholars are lending their voices to this critical endeavor, we are proud to provide that voice here in Palm Beach County.

This Galentine's Day, we're thrilled to be featuring and celebrating some incredible women in our community. On Wednesday, January 31, we gathered some of Palm Beach County's most accomplished and inspiring women at The Brazilian Court for a stylized photo session to mix, mingle, and motivate the women of our community. Clothing was provided by J McLaughlin, food and beverages from the outstanding team at Café Boulud, and photography donated by Kim Fontaine Photography. Palm Beach Social Diary is honored to be sharing their stories with you, to empower, support, and promote #PBCWFW.

Founder & Creative Director WPB Warehouse District, Danni Mitchell, Coastal Girls Owner Dionne Schneider, Jacquelyn Quesada, Labarre, Labarre Pilates + Momentim Cycle and Palm Beach Pillows owner Abby Zinn

Jacquelyn Quesada, Labarre, Labarre Pilates + Momentim Cycle and, Leah Logue

Founding CEO of Family Promise, Rhonda Clinton, WPB Commissioner Shanon Materio, and Julia Murphy, Chief Development Officer at Compass Community Center and President PBYP

When we asked these women to join us in taking a stand here in Palm Beach County for women’s empowerment, we felt immediately blessed and honored. Each of them have such impressive business accruement, lead inspiring lives, and are beautiful inside and out. As we got to know them throughout the campaign, we realized that the depth of their beauty lies in their strength. Individually, each one has touched our hearts with stories of hardships and success alike. They boldly shared stories of the struggles that they have endured as women that could have snuffed out the very light within them. From suppression to bullying, abandonment, depression, and so much more, it is our sincere hope that their stories of perseverance serve as a source of empowerment to each of you in a time of difficulty or doubt.

Gil Walsh, Interior Designer, Author and Owner of Gil Walsh Interiors, and Interior Decorator Leah Logue

Teneka James, WPB Downtown Development Authority, DSOA Constume & Design Teacher Penny Williams, Julia Murphy, Chief Development Officer at Compass Community Center and President PBYP

Felicia Combs, WPTV Channel 5 Meteorologist, Candi Spitz of 211 HelpLine, and Jessica Fontaine Swift

Next Tuesday, February 13th, we are asking for your help in spreading the word about this important initiative. Please join us on social media in using the hashtag #PBCWFW. Simply upload a photo, video or share text tagging a woman in your life that you look up to, find empowering or emblematic of the PBCWFW initiative. Palm Beach Social Diary will be monitoring the hashtag #PBCWFW throughout the day and pledge to repost to its Instagram and Facebook stories.