Behind the Brand - Flavor Palm Beach

In case you haven't heard, Flavor Palm Beach is back for it's tenth consecutive year. Many of us know this as the month-long foodie event where we locals stuff ourselves full of delicious and delectable prix fixe menus from Jupiter to Boca, from hearty steaks to vegan menu options and everything in between. What you may not know much about, however, is the beautiful, amazing and inspirational woman behind this brand.

Briana Beaty is a bubbly and adorable mom, wife, and business woman who came up with the concept for Flavor Palm Beach back in 2007. Inspired by similar foodie events that were taking over major cities across the nation, Briana had the insight to create the much celebrated food and fun filled month of September that has now been donned the Restaurant Month of the Palm Beaches.

We're so excited for Flavor Palm Beach 2017. With more than 50 restaurants participating, this year is promising to be the best yet (don't miss our top picks for FPB 2017!). Read along with our Behind the Brand with this incredible woman as she tells us about her journey, starting from nothing and creating a month-long event that has not only become a staple for locals, but has literally helped to change peoples lives.


1. Flavor Palm Beach is turning 10! Tell us how it all began.

Hi! Thanks for asking. I always enjoyed Miami Spice and NY Restaurant week as a young lady, and upon moving to the area and realizing there was not one here I called various local organizations prodding them to please start one. No one humored me. So, off I went while working full time, to scrape together the first Flavor with the help of great family and friends and some trusting restaurants. It was tiny and magnificent, impossible, and so much fun.  

2. What has been the biggest challenge with getting Flavor Palm Beach off the ground?

Getting restaurants to try it for the first time. The first few years it was a new concept to the area, and I was new to them, so working on building the relationships with very busy restauranteurs was a big challenge.  

3. Did you ever think it would get to be such a huge success?

Oh gosh I sure hoped so! I have bigger dreams for it yet too. The first year I remember telling Beth (now of popular blog Palm Beach Lately), that I was hoping for 100 restaurants in year one.  Ended up with 17. Ha!

4. Do you have anything special planned for this major milestone year?

We did a total revamp of the website, moved to online restaurant registration. Pretty wild huh?

5. How many restaurants are participating this year?

Over 50.

6. Are there any flavor events that always sell out immediately?

Yes! Thursday, Friday and Saturday prime time at Capital Grille are booked in a snap. The new ones on the list are always quick to fill as well.

7. What is the longest standing flavor event to date?

Glad to say that most restaurants that join us stay with us. III Forks, Capital Grille, Mortons, Ruths Chris, Seasons 52, 50 Ocean, Cafe Boulud, Cafe Chardonnay, Charleys Crab, Evo, Echo and Pistache have all been with us since the start!

8. What are you most looking forward to this year?

Sitting down and sharing meals and conversation with friends. I love that Flavor holds that space for those slow and non electronic moments to connect.


9. Tell us about FPB’s generosity with donating to Palm Beach County Food Bank!

Each reservation made through benefits the PBCFB.  They do incredible things right here in our own backyard.  The gap they fill for our future - the growing kids of palm beach county- who would otherwise not have nourishment outside of school lunches with backpacks for weekends and for summer programs.  How can a youngster concentrate in school on Monday morning when their stomach is grumbling as they last meal they had was school on Friday?  The hard work the Food Bank does in invaluable and literally changes lives.  

10. Your top 3 favorite memories so far with FPB so far?

  • The flowers I got from a restaurant with a card that said “Thank you for all you do for us.” Gosh, my heart.
  • A note from a waiter saying he usually takes September off to do odd jobs as at the restaurant he works at was so slow…  but after their first time with Flavor he earned enough money to put a down payment on a home that he and his fiancé had been hoping for. That was 7 years ago, they are married now with a little one to raise in that home and he still works at the restaurant. Thats the good stuff.
  • And since only 3 i will leave the last one broad.  Thinking of the friendships made from this fun ride. People and their kindness and willingness to help. Ian at Phase 9. Eat Palm Beach. Restaurant owners. Our amazing 'Flavor Fans/Friends'. Jan Norris. Charles Passey. I could go on and on.  

11. What has been your main source of inspiration?

Miami Spice and NY Restaurant Week.

12. Give us three things you love to do (outside of dining at fabulous restaurants!) locally.

  • Garden.
  • Yoga.
  • Entertain family and friends.  

13. What’s your favorite food?

Grapefruit - hands down!  

14. What are some of your favorite local restaurants right now?  

The Regional, Sant Ambros, Renatos, Leopard Lounge, Seasons 52, Barcello…


15. Who do you look up to professionally?

Oprah. That was an easy out because she is the ultimate GirlBoss, but this quote of hers trailed across my computer screen on repeat the first years when i was always feeling like there was not enough time, restaurants, ads… "Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.” That reminder to have an attitude of gratitude, to refocus on all of the goodess and abundance is so simple yet changes everything in an instant. Magic.

16. Give us your top 5 favorite Instagram accounts to follow right now!

17. Favorite place you’ve traveled to?

Kenya. It felt so raw but on the edge of brightness…  brightness or ruin. Hard to tell… but the rawness was incredibly beautiful I choke up just thinking on it.  

18. What’s your go-to dinner party menu?

Whatever the chef will make. I am a baker, noooo cooking here.  

19. NYC or Paris? Why?

ohhh…..  well I LOVE the big apple but Paris is always a good idea.

20. Quote to live by?

Give love.